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Midge 29/04/2016 22:19:03

Great post Steve, this is why its so much fun to visit your site.The MSM, so fond of decosntructing anything to do with Western culture, will not be rushing to publish Borjas' deconstruction of the Ottaviano and Peri data hitpiece, even though it would fit their template of just mindlessly publishing other people's work instead of doing some research for themselves.

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Gerry 30/04/2016 01:56:30

e.l Posted on For one thing unless they&#8217;re pueilshbd you mean <a href="http://isgbfoa.com">wrlt2rs&#8e17;.Oniy</a> you can decide when, as it needs to fit round you and your members&#8217; schedules.

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Chassidy 03/05/2016 04:17:56

Hey, cancer is scary.We should probably have a series of Gaia Fart Cancer Awareness Concerts. Some ribbons and rubber armbands to wear-is &quot;oil spill brown&quot; a real color yet? Maybe Willie Nelson could do Gulf Aid; with Bono, Coldplay, and the Dixie Chicks there to accumulate the requisite levels of <a href="http://scawyqu.com">prtstneiousnees.The</a> important thing here is to lay the ground work for the class action lawsuits and region-based welfare increases.

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